My new album, Waiting.  Release date September 2015

I’m excited! Can you tell?

My upcoming 9-song album, Waiting, has been a three year endeavor.  The title seemed fitting because it says it all. To be truthful, Waiting is the product of songs written and recorded over the last year.  I scrapped all of the songs I had recorded two years previously.  They stunk so I started over.  The brutal reality of doing it all yourself is that you have to be your own worst critic. You have to pretend there’s a loud-mouthed producer in the room with you shouting: “You gotta give me more than that! Do it again with some emotion!”

So that’s exactly what I did. I did it all again.

I consider my debut effort that I released three years ago, Fortunate to Know, to be a beautiful flop. Beautiful because it was my first real effort at releasing a home recorded album so there’s an element of nostalgia with that project. A flop because it was my first real effort at home recording and it showed.  I do appreciate the support I received for that album from friends and family, but when I listen back most of those songs just fall short of their potential or sound left of center to my ears. It was a fun start to my recording endeavors, but I’ve moved on.

I decided to either do it right this time around or call it quits on the recording thing.  I scrapped bad songs, spruced up the better ones and redid vocal takes sometimes a dozen times until I felt like I nailed it and the emotion was really there.  I’ve received constructive criticism and feedback on my current lineup of songs from fellow musicians for the last six months. That’s really helped me make good arrangement and production decisions.  I consider myself a modern folk artist so I spent a lot of time analyzing albums in that genre throughout the entire recording process of Waiting. I’ve been listening to indie-folk bands such as Blind Pilot, The Lumineers, Nickel Creek, The Weepies and The Avett Brothers over the last year for inspiration. I  appreciate an under-produced aesthetic when it comes to acoustic oriented music, so I made a concentrated effort to preserve a certain level of “rawness” to these next batch of songs.

My final thoughts on the new album: I feel like I gave it my very best. Waiting really represents who I am as a musician and a songwriter and the type of “sound” I’ve been chasing in my head for a long time. It’s the album I’ve always wanted to make. If I never record or write songs again after this project, I’d be okay with that. And I’m not just saying that because I’m excited about releasing new material.  Deep down I’ll admit that I’m hoping this album takes off and goes somewhere. One can still dream, right?  Mixing and mastering of Waiting should be completed in August. Release date planned for September.

Thank you for your interest and support!