Today I will be commenting on a fascinating and possible life-altering book entitled The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases by Madison Cavanaugh.

The thesis of this thin, but prolific book can be summarized in a paragraph: Virtually all harmful bacteria that lead to disease and physical ailments are anaerobic. Anaerobic bacteria thrive in a low oxygen environment.  Food grade hydrogen peroxide wipes out harmful bacteria by flooding the body with a mega-dose of oxygen, as hydrogen peroxide is essentially concentrated oxygen fused with water molecules.  Healthy bacteria found in the stomach, colon, etc are not harmed because healthy bacteria flourish in an oxygen rich environment.  Thus, food grade oxygen peroxide strengthens the immune system while wiping out disease causing bacteria. The cronies of the FDA and medical establishment, however, don’t want this cheap and highly effective remedy going viral because they’re in bed with the other cronies of the pharmaceutical industry.


I admit that I was a skeptic until I tried food grade hydrogen peroxide treatment for myself. I’ve struggled with extreme sinus issues for a good fifteen years, predominately post nasal drip, mucus buildup and relentless throat clearing.  I was tired of trips to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctors with little results. I was fed up with antibiotics and expensive medications that did nothing more than drain the bank account and boost unwanted side effects.  After adhering to the dilution measurements and schedule recommended in this book for a week, I’m absolutely astounded at the results.  My sinus issues are almost entirely cleared up.  I have more energy and clarity of thought.  I also haven’t had a single headache in a week, whereas I was previously experiencing daily headaches that I attribute to sinus issues.   So far, the twenty-dollar bottle of food grade hydrogen peroxide I purchased at a local health food store is blowing my mind.

It should be noted that 35 percent food grade oxygen peroxide is NOT the same as the 3 percent grade found in drug stores. The stuff found in stores contains added chemicals and is not fit for ingestion. Critics of food grade oxygen peroxide will point to the free radicals found in hydrogen peroxide, stating that free radicals can cause damage to the body. However, supporters of hydrogen peroxide will point out that the human body regularly manufactures and releases healthy free radicals to strengthen the immune system.  Like good fats and bad fats, there are good and bad free radicals. Upon completing extensive amount research, I’m convinced that food grade hydrogen peroxide is safe if the dilution and treatment schedule is properly adhered to.

In closing, I found this man’s testimony compelling and convincing. See YouTube Link below:

Cured By Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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